Venice Beach Mardi Gras

Venice Beach has a long history of celebrations and festival events. The first Mardi Gras festival (weirdly held in August rather than before the beginning of Lent) was organized in 1935 as a way to draw crowds and to boost commerce. Noted for the enormous papier mâché heads that participants wore as costumes, the original Mardi Gras festivals continued annually for six years, ending when America entered WWII.

The more recent incarnation was born in 2003, when locals Jessica Long and Johann Stein reinvented it as a way of bringing together the community in celebration, music, friendship, and a spirit of wonder. No longer a commercial affair, it's an annual opportunity for Venice locals and visitors alike to let the good times roll!

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Samuel has photographed most years of the Venice Mardi Gras celebrations. While more of the "spray-and-pray" school of photography than a skilled practitioner, he occasionally gets a few good pictures. Those (and others) get shared here.

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